About us


Farayand Tejarat Mahan (FTM) Trading Group established with the aim of importing and providing all food industry raw material and machines. Benefitting strong internal communications and also our joint offices outside Iran, we can support you with the proper solutions.

Our group scope of work is as below:

  • Importing and supplying all raw materials and ingredients of food industry, consisting:.Stabilizers- caseinat- lactose- WPC,MPC- phosphate- milk powder- whey powder- essence-…
  • Supplying all kinds of packaging items like foil, cartoon…
  • Importing all kinds of food industry machines (new and second-hand) + training guaranteed
  • Importing all food industry machines’ spare parts
  • Trading and customs services

By providing experienced experts in our group we can suggest you the finest technical and economical offers and supply all the materials and machines with the guarantee of best quality and price in the shortest time possible.